Blending elements of indie and neo-psychedelic rock, Atlanta’s five-piece Rujen create vibrant, densely layered atmospheres of tones, textures, and introspective vocals that swell, echo, and distort with fierce synergy.

Recorded from the group’s modest home studio and mixed by local producer Jason Kingsland (Deerhunter, Band of Horses, Youth Lagoon), the debut “Elsewhere” EP released in 2019 as a follow-up to nearly 2 years of live performances around the local Atlanta scene.

“In their finest moments—such as in the gorgeous, moonlit “Luna” and the dark and anxious title track—the group pair their lavish arrangements with weighty lyrics and melodies that point the way towards the EP’s steadily beating (albeit highly impressionistic) heart. It’s proof that the emerging five-piece can be much more than obsessive purveyors of mood. Instead, Elsewhere is both evocative and emotionally cathartic, a sterling introduction to a band who have been waiting in the wings for quite some time.” - Guillermo Castro, Immersive Atlanta