Rujen, like their music, is a metamorphosis. It takes time. What begins as something small, slowly evolves into something huge and lively.

The project began in 2013 on a particularly stormy evening in Milledgeville, GA with Ryan Miller and Creighton Perme's humble college apartment jam sessions. A chance musical encounter with drummer and peer Michael Cornwall revealed similar tastes, and roots began to sprout from a deeply planted seed. The addition of bassist Charlie Brady, who the band met at a Battle of the Bands, lead to local gigs under the moniker Keeva.

Things settled down after various members graduated college and moved away, though a simple phone call one winter day in 2016 saw the four piece jamming again in the Atlanta area.

The group later recruited Nick Hanchey, a revered college friend, on keyboards/synth to further round out their sound. Dubbing themselves Rujen, the band had finally evolved and settled into the sonic environment they’d been searching for.

Jamming and writing in a tight basement bedroom, a space that would later become a piece of the band’s home studio, they began to conjure elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and space rock to form their core arsenal of music.

Rujen is guided by a feeling. One that surrounds you in a single moment, simultaneously arousing the past, present, and future as a harmonious force unbounded by time and space.  

The band is working diligently to complete their debut EP slated for a late 2018 release. 


Photo by Colin Murphy and Edited by Ryan Miller.